Media specialist Laura Bernheim in her office

What do Floridians think about endangered & invasive species?

Given the impact humans have on biodiversity, the PIE Center initiated a study to explore the attitudes, opinions and knowledge of Floridians around the issue of endangered and invasive species.

Through their lens

Congratulations to Lynn Scarborough, this year's winner of the PIE Center Photo Contest. Facebook fans selected her image, "My everyday scenery," from more than 88 entries.

The Slice on social media

Media Specialist Laura Bernheim shares her secrets to success in social media. The Slice serves up bite-size portions of our training tools and aims to provide practical tips, guidelines and suggestions that can be immediately put to work.

UF Critical Thinking Inventory

The UF Critical Thinking Inventory measures critical thinking style on a continuum that ranges between engaging and seeking information. By understanding how different people think critically about an issue, you can put your team members in a position to succeed by grouping people together in the most effective way.

Get out and vote

The University of Florida's Bob Graham Center for Public Service and the Division of Student Affairs have partnered with an innovative digital platform that allows students, staff and faculty to quickly and efficiently register to vote or request an absentee ballot from their local election authorities. TurboVote also sends out email and text reminders to users about approaching election deadlines.
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Next Easy as PIE webinar

Craig Regelbrugge

Hot topic webinar: Immigration action and implications for agriculture

Join this webinar to learn more about implications of the recent executive order on immigration for the agriculture work force in Florida.  The 20 minute presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer session. Presentation by Craig Regelbrugge, Senior Vice President,...
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Two major grants added to PIE Center’s research docket

In the same week, PIE Center researchers added an $8.7 million grant and its fourth...
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Ricky Telg, PIE Center director

Faculty spotlight: Director Ricky Telg

Hometown? Bryan, Texas Education and previous work experience? What attracted you to...
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PIE Center research coordinator Sandra Anderson

Staff spotlight: Research Coordinator Sandra Anderson

Hometown? Born in Brooklyn, New York, then I moved to Florida when I was 11. I call...
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Ricky Telg, PIE Center director

PIE Center welcomes new director

After six months as interim associate dean in the College of Agricultural and Life...
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